Stats, for Firefox OS.

Awaiting my preordered Mozilla Flame, I’ve started dabbling again with web programming. The first ‘app’ I really wanted to use is something that that will let me monitor my server’s vitals–which is why I wrote this.

Stats is written in a mixture of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP that runs GNU/Linux command line tools and parses the results into something easily interpreted.

It currently only functions as a host app on the target machine (in this case, my Macmini2,1 running Ubuntu Server 14.04LTS-64bit).

I’ve released what code I have so far on GitHub so that others can use it freely if they’d like (it’s released under the MIT license).

More simple features will come eventually, potentially an adjustable refresh rate (currently set to 2 seconds), the ability to expand/contract information fields, and possibly the ability to select which fields are displayed.