strapOn – tinyEMF prototype

Here’s an example of what can be done with the strapOn protoboard platform. I’ve taken the tinyEMF circuit, saved some space (by using smaller rectangular LEDs that I filed down and replacing individual resistors with a 9-pin resistor bus), and rebuilt it on the protoboard so it’s easy and lightweight to wear. It’s currently powered …


strapOn, 20mm – v1.0

I’ve received them, and they’re now going to be listed on These versions are unbranded–just deep, glorious OSHPark purple and gold ENIG-plated through-holes. Standard 0.1″ grid/spacing easily fits most PTH technology. Once I find a reliable, quality source for 20mm NATO bands, I’ll offer these as an option on tindie. Get them here.

strapOn – v0.9, fabbed.

I designed, ordered, and received these recently. The protoboard spacing is a standard 0.1″ grid, plated-through holes. The slits on either side of the prototyping surface are designed to fit a 20mm-wide “NATO” watch band, allowing convenient and easy wearable electronics. I have a few different ideas for these, such as: – digital clocks/timers (numeric …


Handheld EMF scanner.

Internals are a modified protoboard build of the tinyEMF firmware/hardware. There is an additional socket wired to accept potentiometer input, primarily to eventually allow brightness adjustment of the display by modulating OE of the 595 shift register.